Karol Chroscicki

I'm an all-round (freelance) graphic & web designer with 20+ years of experience. My studio is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I also participate in the branding and development of campaign & advertising materials. This applies to online, print and audivisual platforms.


The Stuff KC Does

I translate your ideas into authentic visuals.
Check my portfolio at folio.studiokc.nl

  • Graphic Design
    Brand Identity

  • PowerPoint

  • UI Design

  • Inforgraphics
    Data Visualization


Design skills

Brand Design (print):
Rolling out brands and developing the corresponding identity carriers: logos, business cards, stationery, envelopes, etc.

Marketing Design (print):
Contribute to setting up the best scoring campaigns and developing infographics, brochures, leaflets, magazines, posters and banners.

Online Marketing Design:
Help roll out the best scoring online campaigns and develop the associated online materials such as websites, mailings, social media designs and online banners.

Product Sales Design (multimedia):
Participate in the development of sales tools by designing audiovisual concepts such as animated logos, animations, high-end interactive presentations, high-end interactive PDFs and interactive infographics.

(Internal) Communication Design:
With a focus on knowledge sharing and engagement. Contributing to a strategy for (internal) information and knowledge exchange and strengthening the promotion of pride and solidarity within a company. Think strategically on a brand basis and translate this into designs for e-mails, newsletters, intranet, presentations, event materials and more.